The List

About half way through my treatment I sat talking to a friend about some of the great things that had happened to me since I was diagnosed with cancer. To be sure, a hell of a lot of shit happened but the things that got me through were the good things. Some of them surprising. I joked that I’d start a list and a blog “99 great things about cancer”. I haven’t quite made it to 99, but it’s a start…

  • You are called brave
  • People tell you that you are beautiful
  • You learn to throw caution to the wind
  • You make new friends
  • You get shot of your cr*p friends
  • People send you presents
  • Good neighbours become good friends
  • You get more likes on Facebook
  • People re-tweet your tweets
  • You get unusual invitations to do things
  • You are praised for just turning up
  • Nobody minds if you decide to go home early
  • More time to read books
  • More time to watch movies
  • You save on shampoo
  • Macmillan give you free make up
  • People offer to do your housework
  • People offer to do your shopping
  • Strangers hug you in the street
  • Friends, family and acquaintances embark on physical challenges for charity in your honour
  • Nobody can blame you for taking up bad habits
  • You learn to face your fears

….more suggestions welcome, I’m sure I have only scratched the surface!

3 thoughts on “The List

  1. The grocery store checker asks you how you are doing & updates you on her sister. Interestingly she continued to do so even after my hair came back in!


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